Lake Michigan - M31

I took a couple moments out of a busy day yesterday to visit the shores of Lake Michigan. I had an interview scheduled for the early afternoon in Grand Haven. I was a tad nervous, trying to collect all my thoughts of how I wanted to talk about myself. But the second I headed west off of M31 and caught my first peak of the white caps rolling off her all my nerves melted away.

Grand Haven, MI

The waves were swelling with the blowing wind, watching the spray come off the lighthouse made for a neat sight.

I love the way the wind creates the ripples and waves in the sand, they catch the lowering winter sun and I could study their shadows for hours.

Ludington, MI

I got a little turned around coming off M10 to jog over to M31 to continue north back home to Bear Lake from Grand Haven after the interview. But it was a pleasant detour because I came across the Ludington shore just as golden hour was deepening. The wind was still stiff, though it had calmed a little since earlier in the day. I walked into some small dunes along the shoreline trying hard to keep my ears warm. I stumbled across a couple crazy lake surfers taking on the Lake in the frigid waters.

Surfs up bruh!!

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